Tandem Fish Farm

Supplier of Market Fish, Shrimp, prawns & Fingerlings

Our Fish

Tandem Fish Farm is raising several species of fish, shrimp and prawns for the live commercial market, aquaculture hobbyists and local consumers.  We also offer fingerlings for fish farmers.  These fish thrive in our geothermal water from two deep, artesian wells.  





We at Tandem Fish Farm have been working hard to re-vamp an old fish farm and bring it back to life.  We are proud of our high-quality fish raised in pristine, artesian geothermal well water.   We look forward to the future in expanding the aquaculture market with a variety of live fish to sell and fingerlings to supply fish farmers year round.  

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Tandem Fish farm Comes to life

After a lot of time, hard physical work and investments in the right equipment to run a top-notch fish farm, we are happy to say we are “open for business”.  We currently provide live fish to the market and sell fish every Saturday on our farm 9 am – 3:30 pm and by appointment.  Check out our YouTube channel.

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Tandem Fish Farm

our location

Please contact us to make arrangements to visit our farm.  We are open on Saturdays 9 am – 2 pm and appointment only.

30957 State Highway 51

 Bruneau Idaho 83604